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Invictus is boutique cigar lounge that creates a incomparable atmosphere will make all your troubles worth it. Invictus promises to offer good southern hospitality, as you will find yourself mingling with people from all walks of life enjoying good cigars. Invictus is a smoking establishment.
Invictus has been designed to provide cigar smokers a one-of-a-kind experience, which will certainly allow you to keeping enjoying your smoking experience until the sun comes up.
So come in, grab a cigar, have a seat in our lounge and relax. You can sit in any one of our comfortable leather chairs and enjoy one of our four 60′ flat screen televisions. Free WiFi.

Our Story


Our humidor has a variety of your favorite blends to enjoy, with cigars
from Gurka, AVO, CAO Flatheads, and much more, we have the perfect
cigar for you and your individual tastes.

At Invictus Cigars, we love to keep things new and fresh. Every season,
we work to come up with something new and original, while keeping your
favorites in stock.

Visit us today to relax, unwind, and enjoy a cigar!